When planning a UK vacation, London is always the first port of call. However, which other places should one include on a visit to Great Britain. Here we take a look at some of the options:

Scottish Lochs & Mountains

Scotland’s wild places abound in breathtaking views: spray-dashed coasts; glinting lochs; imposing mountains. The scenery here is truly awe-inspiring. Drive right into the views on a trip to the Royal Highlands & Cairngorms, which delivers castles, peaks and wildlife galore – and the chance to explore the Royal family’s summer holiday haunts.


Famous for festivals, and especially lively in the summer, Edinburgh is a city of many moods. Glimpse them in a daffodil-framed castle silhouetted against a blue spring sky or on a chill December morning when the fog snags the spires of the Old Town. Discover your own version of the city when you visit on your holiday in the UK.

The West Country

Britain’s wild western corner is well worth the trip to the very end of England. Here tawny moors roll to jagged cliffs, ancient fishing ports tuck into spectacular cliffs and sandy beaches stretch for miles. Find your favourite south west spot in Cornwall, which loops through Arthurian ruins, surfer bays and foodie ports.


Britain boasts many great cities, but Bath is the belle of the ball. The natural hot springs that bubble to the surface prompted the Romans to build a health resort here, while the Georgians turned the city into a fashionable watering hole. Soaking up Bath’s sumptuous architecture is one of the highlights of a trip to Britain.

The Cotswolds

The most wonderful thing about the Cotswolds is that no matter where you go or how lost you get, you’ll still end up in a village of honey-coloured stone complete with rose- clad cottages, an ancient pub and a view of the lush green hills. Find your very own slice of medieval England on a tour of impossibly picturesque villages, with prestigious literary locations thrown in.


Mysterious and compelling, Stonehenge is Britain’s most iconic ancient site. People have been drawn to this myth-laden ring of bluestones for the last 5000 years, and we still don’t know quite why it was built. Come up with your own theories while gazing at the 50-ton megaliths on a voyage which charts a centuries-long timeline through Britain’s compelling past.

Welsh Mountains

Rugged Wales has rocky mountain peaks, glacier- hewn valleys, sinuous shores, sparkling lakes, and charm-infused villages. The high point (literally) is Snowdonia, a remote enclave offering hikes to lofty summits, adrenaline sports and off-the-beaten-track explorations. Tap into the wilderness vibe in Snowdonia National Park.


Abounding with exquisite architecture and steeped in tradition, Cambridge is a university town extraordinaire. The tightly packed core of ancient colleges, the picturesque riverside ‘Backs’ (college gardens) and the surrounding green meadows linger in your mind. Prepare to fall more than a little in love punting on the cam and get ready to explore the city’s beguiling surrounds.


For centuries, the brilliant minds and august institutions of Oxford University have made Oxford famous across the globe. Glimpse this revered world as you stroll hushed college quads and cobbled lanes roamed by cycling students. Touch base with your inner academic on a trip to the city as you take in prestigious southern sights.

Northern Wildernesses

Poets and painters have long championed Britain’s remote northern landscapes, which still hold a haunting appeal. Here you’ll find wind-blasted moors, soaring mountains, whaleback fells, Roman ruins and glistening lakes. Motor through this craggy corner of England, and take in its literary links.


The pretty English Midlands town of Stratford-upon-Avon is famed around the world as the birthplace of the nation’s best-known dramatist, William Shakespeare. Today, the town’s tight knot of Tudor streets forms a living map of Shakespeare’s life and times.

Blenheim Palace

One of Britain’s grandest stately homes, this early-18th century baroque confection is overpoweringly ornate. Objects d’art, ostentatious oil paintings and decadent decor fill grand rooms overlooking lavish grounds. Imagine living there when you drop by.